Get Vaccinated

The COVID-19 vaccine is widely available and has proven to be safe and effective for adults and children ages 12 and over. It is free to get regardless of whether you are insured or not. It is available regardless of immigration status.

More detailed information about the options for getting the COVID-19 vaccine are below.

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  Where would you like to get your vaccine?

At a vaccination clinic offered by Lane County Public Health

At a Community Partner Event

At a pharmacy

This is a partial list of pharmacies offering COVID-19 vaccines.

Fred Meyer
Health Mart
Rite Aid


If you would like to be added to this list please email us here.

At a healthcare providers office

Check with your primary care provider to find out if they have COVID-19 vaccine available.

Community Health Centers of Lane County*
McKenzie Willamette Medical Center

Oregon Integrated Health

Oregon Medical Group
White Bird Clinic
Cascade Health

*Community Heath Centers of Lane County offer online scheduling for new patients including those who only need a Moderna vaccine appointment (1st or 2nd dose) and are not looking to establish care. 
If you would like to be added to this list please email us here.

I have a history of anaphylaxis to injectables

If you have a history of anaphylaxis to anything other than an ingredient of the J&J Covid-19 vaccine you can receive the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine at PeaceHealth Woodfield Station. Please refer to their website (PeaceHealth Walk-In Clinic at Woodfield Station) to schedule.

Link to Information on Vaccine Components

I had an allergic reaction to my first dose. How do I complete my series?

To schedule an appointment for a Covid-19 vaccine AFTER HAVING AN UNUSUAL REACTION TO THE FIRST DOSE OF PFIZER OR MODERNA, please call our call center or email [email protected]

In the subject of the email write: Unusual Reaction to Dose 1

In the body of the email write:

  • Name

  • Contact Information

  • Date of 1st Dose

  • Brand of 1st Dose

  • Requested brand of 2nd dose

  • Description of reaction to first dose

We will gather contact information and call people back to schedule appointments for second doses with our local paramedics.

I am homebound or require transportation assistance

There is a COVID-19 vaccination program for homebound individuals.  If you are a homebound individual please call or email Lane County ([email protected] or 541-682-1380) and provide a minimum of your address and phone number.  Lane County works with the state who will contact you and schedule a time to come to your home and provide your vaccination. 


Lane County can assist with transportation to a vaccine clinic.  To access this assistance: schedule an appointment and check the box on the scheduling form that says "No, I need help arranging transportation to my appointment" (bottom of the name & demographics page).  Complete the scheduling.  Our team will reach out to you to determine what assistance is needed and help coordinate low or no-cost transportation.  You can also call or email us and we can connect you with our transportation assistance team: [email protected] or 541-682-1380.

Second doses for people vaccinated outside the US

People who began their vaccination series outside the United States with a vaccine not authorized for use in the U.S. should complete the series with a single dose of Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

o  Sputnik (Gam-COVID-vac) – 1 dose of Johnson and     Johnson vaccine at least 21 days after the previous dose.

o  CoronaVac (Sinovac) - 1 dose of Johnson and Johnson     vaccine at least 28 days after the previous dose.

o  AstraZeneca (Covishield) - 1 dose of Johnson and Johnson     vaccine at least 28 days after the previous dose.

• People who are not fully vaccinated with one of the above vaccines may opt to restart a vaccine series with 1 dose of Johnson and Johnson vaccine or 2 doses of either Pfizer or Moderna vaccine

Where can I get my child vaccinated against COVID-19?

Where can I get my child vaccinated against COVID-19?

Parents have many options of where to seek vaccination for their child.

Pediatrician or Family Practice Doctor
For many children, the most comfortable and familiar place to receive vaccinations is with the family’s trusted pediatrician or family practice doctor. For children with complex health needs their personal provider is the most appropriate location for accessing vaccinations. The majority of pediatric practices in Lane County are ready and available to vaccinate children upon approval. Call your office to schedule.
The majority of pharmacies in Lane County are vaccinating children age 5+ for COVID-19. You can check the website of your preferred pharmacy to schedule an appointment.
Lane County Sponsored Clinic
Lane County Public Health is scheduling clinics in partnership with schools and community centers throughout Lane County. You can check the current schedule and sign up at or by calling (541) 682-1380.
Lane County Public Health clinics are typically located in large open spaces such as gymnasiums, auditoriums, or community centers. If your child needs a more private space to be vaccinated, please speak with your pediatrician or family practice doctor.
Vaccination for children is by appointment only at this time. Clinic Schedules and sign up will be available on 11/5/2021.