Speed limit reduced along sections of London Road near Cottage Grove

Speed limit reduced along sections of London Road near Cottage Grove
Posted on 09/12/2023

On August 30, 2023, the Oregon Speed Zone Panel approved Lane County’s request for a lower speed limit on portions of London Road and South 6th Street near Cottage Grove. Several community members testified in support of Lane County’s request, expressing concern regarding people driving too fast on London Road. 


The new, lower speed limits are:

  • South 6th Street, from I-5/Goddard Lane to Latham Road (45 MPH)
  • London Road


These were the only locations approved based on Oregon’s speed setting rules. The new speeds take effect once the signs are posted in the coming weeks.


“Most traffic fatalities and serious-injury crashes involve excessive speeds,” said Lane County Senior Transportation Planner Becky Taylor. “While it may feel comfortable to drive fast on a rural road, please keep in mind that there are homes along those roads with people needing to pull in and out of driveways and walk across the street to check their mailboxes. We want everyone to be safe.” 


In addition to posting signs reflecting the new, lower speed limits, Lane County will enhance the recommended speed signs around curves. Curve speeds signs are lower than the posted speed limit based on engineering that shows how fast a vehicle can safely travel through the curve without leaving the roadway. 


Lane County will also be working on more traffic enforcement. Traffic fines are doubled within the first seven miles of London Road based on its Safety Corridor designation. The fees are intended to make people think twice about speeding. They do not generate enough revenue to support enforcement activities, which are primarily funded by grants for officers willing to work overtime shifts. 

Wildfire Evacuation Information -

All wildfire evacuations in Lane County have been canceled. (Yay, firefighters and rain!)