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Transfer Station Tips Brochure

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Do transfer stations accept credit cards? Where should you take your batteries? What if you accidentally throw something in the pit at Glenwood? Our new Transfer Station Tips brochure has answers. Check it out before you head out to one of our stations!

#1, #2 Plastics Accepted at Transfer Stations

Beginning June 1, 2022#1 and #2 bottles, jars and jugs (if larger than a tennis ball) can be recycled in curbside containers or taken to ANY Lane County transfer station. Be sure to check the shape and number. Items must be clean, dry, and larger than a tennis ball. Also, check with your local hauler to verify these new changes. Download a pamphlet for more information.

1 & 2 Plastic Graphic

Garbage Fees

Garbage Fees


Garbage fees fund all programs offered by the Lane County Waste Management Division. NO INCOME OR PROPERTY TAXES are used to pay for these programs.

NOTE: There is a 10 cubic yd. limit on garbage dropoffs per day, per customer at all rural sites (excluding Glenwood).


Rural Sites

Glenwood & Florence

Up to 1 cubic yard (cy) (202 gallons)

$14.00 (min. fee)

$14.00 (min. fee)

1+ to 3cys



Each cy over 3



Construction & Demolition

$19.00/cy ($14.00 min. fee)


($14.00 min. fee)

Rubble, roofing, stumps, rock, dirt

$48.00/cy ($24.00 min. fee)


($14.00 min. fee)

Recycling Items with a Fee

Material Preparation for Recovered Items with a Fee


* Fees are subject to change without notice. For questions, contact (541) 682-4120.





Appliances containing refrigerant will be charged the appliance fee. The following appliances typically contain refrigerant: refrigerators, freezers, heat pumps, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, and water coolers. Reuse is best. For newer models, don't forget to check with reuse stores (i.e., Goodwill, St. Vincent de Paul, BRING, ReStore, etc.) before disposal. Note: St. Vincent de Paul is onsite at Glenwood Transfer Station. Appliances are accepted at all sites EXCEPT Sharps Creek.


Wood Waste & Yard Debris

Acceptable wood/yard debris must be placed in the wood or yard debris recovery area and must be more than 50% of the load to qualify for this rate. Yard debris and wood waste rates apply to Cottage Grove, Glenwood & Florence transfer sites only. All other sites charge standard household garbage rates.

Cottage Grove volume fee: ♦Up to 3 cubic yards (cys): $19.00 (min. fee $10.00)
♦Over 3cys: $10.00 per additional cy over 3cy

Glenwood & Florence per ton fee: $94.02/ton ($10.00 min. fee)


Glenwood is only transfer station that recycles mattresses. All other stations dispose of as garbage.

Rural transfer stations: Standard volume charges (see household garbage volume rates). Max of 4 mattresses per day.

Florence: $14 per mattress or box spring unit. Max of 4 mattress/box spring units per day. Retail mattress store commercial loads of 5 or more units will be weighed at $262.33/ton ($70.00 min. fee).

Glenwood: $14 per mattress unit, up to 4 units. 5-plus units weighed at $262.33/ton ($70.00 min. fee). Max of 10 units per day.

Propane & Helium Tanks

Tanks larger than 5 gallons are not accepted at Lane County sites. Small disposable 16 oz. propane canisters may be recycled for free. Accepted at all sites EXCEPT Sharps Creek.

Up to 5 gallon capacity: $4.50/unit


Tires larger than 19.9" are not accepted at Lane County sites. If a customer places a tire in the disposal pit, the normal fee for the tire will be doubled plus any handling fees to retrieve the tire from the garbage.

Recovered tires will not be returned to the customer. No commercial quantities or heavy duty truck or off-road tires. Accepted at all sites EXCEPT Sharps Creek.

Less than 20-inch rim diameter: $4.00 (with wheel $5.00)

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