Licensed Contractors

2024 Firewise Contractor List.pdf

The above document is by no means a comprehensive list of all contractors providing Firewise Grant incentive services within Lane County. Lane County does not endorse nor show preference to any business or individual on this list; Licensed Contractors are displayed in alphabetical order.

It is highly recommended to get multiple bids for your project before choosing which contractor to work with. If the incentive requires a Licensed Contractor, this contractor must have an active CCB (Construction Contractors Board) and/or LCB (Landscape Contractors Board) license(s). Please check the status of the CCB or LCB license to ensure it's still active before hiring in order to be approved for any grant incentives (this list was last updated May 2024).

Check the status of a CCB License. 
Check the status of a LCB License.

If you would like to recommend a business to this list, please email [email protected] or call 541-682-6522.

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