Geo-Technical Hazard

Geo-Technical Hazards Notice Handout

Recent interest and awareness of the Cascadia Subduction Zone and the potential for large earthquakes in Oregon has produced a wealth of information that identified potential hazards.
Lane County Building Safety  has begun to review residential structural permits to more closely evaluate these hazards. A geotechnical or soils report (OSSC Section 1803.6) from a  qualified licensed professional in Oregon will be required if the site for the proposed structure does not meet ascending and descending setback requirements, is identified within a liquefaction or landslide hazard area, will be located on a slope 20% (2:10 or 11.3 degrees) or greater prior to excavation, or is required by the Planning Program to have a special foundation system. Click on the link above for further information as to when a report will be required.

Geotech Report Requirement Area

Wildfire Evacuation Information -

All wildfire evacuations in Lane County have been canceled. (Yay, firefighters and rain!)