Domestic Partnership

All Recording services (except for the public research library) have moved to the new County Clerk's Office, located at 275 W 10th Ave, Eugene, OR 97401 (formerly the Elections Building). 

Any couple wishing to register as legally recognized partners in a domestic partnership can complete and file a Declaration of Domestic Partnership.

The Declaration of Domestic Partnership is a legal document. The form must be signed by both individuals entering into the domestic partnership. Signatures must be acknowledged by a Notary Public.

To register, complete this Domestic Partnership Declaration Form found
here.  The form must be printed on legal sized (8.5" x 14") paper to be accepted.  Letter size paper is not acceptable.

Once completed, signed, and notarized, submit the form with the $60 fee, by mail to:

Lane County Recording
Domestic Partnership Registration
275 W 10th Ave
Eugene, OR 97401

Upon filing, the declaration form will be signed by the County Clerk or Deputy County Clerk and registered in the Domestic Partnership Registry.

A copy of the completed form along with a "Certificate of Registered Domestic Partnership" will be returned to the partners in person or by mail.
 Domestic Partnership Fee Schedule
Domestic Partnership Fee
ORS 205.320(5)
Domestic Violence Fund Fee       
ORS 106.045
ORS 409.300  
Reconciliation and Mediation Fund Fee
ORS 107.615
LM 60.812(3)    

Certified Copy of a Registered
Declaration of a Domestic Partnership

ORS 205.32(4)                                                                                

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