Property Management

Property Management Provides the Following Services:  

  • Provides for the management of County-owned real property, including vacant land, office and residential property.
  • Management of Tax-Foreclosed Real Property
  • Conducts appraisal and analysis for the purchase, disposition or retention of County-owned real property.
  • Prepares and negotiates all leases where County is lessor or lessee, easements, licenses to use, personal services contracts and caretaker agreements.
  • Maintains a current inventory of County-owned real property.
  • Prepares parcels of General Fund-owned property for Sheriff's sales (auction of foreclosed property).
  • Provides real property support services to various Lane County departments, public utilities, other government agencies and the public.
  • The Property Management Officer serves as County liaison in the vendor-operated parking and cafeteria programs. 

Kellie Hancock, Property Manager
Phone: 541-682-3859